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Science Mentors 1 to 1

"I have known Haveesh for two years. Fortunately for our program, ScienceMentors 1 to 1, Haveesh found us online and approached us about helping less fortunate students with Math. He doggedly, week after week, used his free time to help a senior from Trenton High School.. She benefited immensely from his help. Not being satisfied, Haveesh wanted to do more... With aid of his parents and our program, Trenton students for the first time entered the PUMAC challenge. Haveesh, with the help of a series of people who cared about math, organized practice sessions early in the morning and on weekends. The result was that for the first time ever, Trenton High students who love math could participate with top level lovers of math on the Princeton University Campus... As a result the two young leaders of the eight student Trenton team want to continue their pursuit of higher math. With practice and guidance Haveesh can become a great teacher of math... With his charisma and goodness he will inspire others to care about what is a core skill that is fading from the minds of too many young people... Technology demands an understanding of math. With people like Haveesh and his support team, we look forward to taking math from the proverbial 'I hate math' closet and bring it in to the open. I recommend Haveesh as a scholar, a person and a hope for the future" Thank you... I will gladly answer any questions you may have.... 2/4/17
Maureen J.Quinn, Director - ScienceMentors 1 to 1

Trenton Library

September 9, 2017

To Whom It May Concern:

The mission of the Trenton Free Public Library (TFPL) is to bridge the community to literacy, guide learning, and inspire curiosity. Since 1902, the Trenton Free Public Library has been collecting and preserving bits and pieces of the city’s history.

It is based on this rich history in tandem with an urban city whose children need literacy and STEM assistance that makes us proud to support the STEMnauts, a forward-thinking tutoring program. We are in concert with the principles of the work the STEMnauts are doing – engaging families and youth to prepare them for a bright future. The motivation of these young students traveling to Trenton to share their own education will prove to provide a robust education to Trenton youth with STEM education. This means that students will get a chance to become leaders on individual, community, and regional levels.

We are proud to support the STEMnauts in their work and tenacity, and look forward to working with STEMnauts in the future to continue to provide STEM programming that benefits the students and families of Trenton.

Rochelle Stern, MLIS
Community Outreach Librarian
Trenton Free Public Library
120 Academy Street
Trenton, NJ 08608

Millhill Child & Family Development Corporation -Trenton, NJ

The children in the Respite program are students ranging from Kindergarten to 7th grade. Many of the kids are excellent students who struggle with certain subject matter and could benefit greatly from additional instruction. The students in the program come from a variety of backgrounds and life experiences. Many of them have suffered in academics due to falling behind due to excessive absences, negligence from parents, and other socioeconomic conditions. The hope is that one on one or group tutoring will give them an extra boost of confidence and re-enforce in their understanding in a variety of subjects - 10/15/18
Tamara Lee, Out of Home Placement Support Program Supervisor (OHPS)
101 Oakland St.
Tremtom. NJ

The Children’s Home Society of New Jersey- Trenton. NJ

Having the STEMNauts program at the Heritage South Family Success Center helped our kids in the community to feel confident, and to love to the subjects. They are eager to learn more, and we look forward to still having you with us. The topics STEMNauts bring are interesting and full of dynamism and the families love it. Having the tutoring sessions at the Heritage South Family Success Center provide the children of our center to be in a safe environment in which they could reinforce what that they learn in school. The students that come to provide the services at the center are very knowledgeable of the subjects and our children looked up to them as mentors. We appreciate the STEMNauts group at the Heritage South Family Success Center and look forward to continue the collaboration - 10/17/2018
Evelyn M. Sellas-Ramírez- CSW
Activity & Event Planner
635 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611

Robin Crossland

Thank You for providing such wonderful Free Tutoring Sessions for us at the Trenton Free Public Library. The Crossland Family appreciates the services you offer because you make a difference in our lives. You Guys Rock!

Latoya Daniels

STEMNauts tutoring has been very helpful for my daughter. Tutors there has help her with reading, writing and Math. My daughter had difficulties in reading and tutor helped her how to sound the words and also how to read sight words. After a while I have notice changes in my daughter reading & math and she has achieved. I recommend for all children and teens to take advantage of the tutoring that can help them progress and succeed

Rosaura Lopez: Parent of Alison (5th grader)

STEAMNauts. La Tutoria le ayuda a mi hija a comprender y resolver de diferentes formas los problemas de matemáticas. Hacen que las tareas sean más fáciles y los motivan a seguir aprendiendo. Los jóvenes de STEMNauts son positivos, tienen mucha paciencia y se dedican a ayudarle y ensa?arle. Muchas gracias . Enviado desde mi iPhone
Rosaura Lopez
635 South Clinton Avenue, Trenton, NJ 08611

Luis Mendoza, 11th grade, Stem Civics Charter School, Trenton

Overall, Haveesh has been so helpful in teaching me new math that my school lacks on do it. He has a lot of patience and very supportive in actually teaching you the material. PUMAC is a very hard competition that he has made easier for everyone in it. PUMAC and Haveesh with the help of his parents have taught me so many things in the past years. He’s actually a good teacher that will find many ways to explain to you a problem and help you visualize it.

Aldair Desderic, 11th grade, Trenton Central High School

It’s been a pleasure to be working with Haveesh. Haveesh is trying his best to prepare us for PUMAC. I love the way he explains every single detail to help us have a better understanding. Furthermore, his patience is what gets him to his primary objective. I extremely appreciate his time on making us better math experts.

Tyanna Spalding. Junior 11th grade, Trenton Central High School

Ever since I was young, I had a love for math, So, I was extremely happy when Ms. Quinn asked me to join the Math team in 2016. We started practicing almost every weekend and thanks to Haveesh, I understood everything. Last year, the practices were even better and I hope it’s even better this year. Haveesh has been such a major help to the group and I really enjoy it.

Postdoctoral Researcher, Princeton University

The STEMNauts volunteers and leadership team invest enormous time and effort in bringing STEM education opportunities to under-served students in the Trenton public schools. Their mentorship and care serve as an inspiration to Trenton students interested in STEM while their tutoring gives the students the skills necessary to thrive in STEM. With an emphasis on problem solving and math/science competitions, the STEMNauts also make learning fun. This multi-pronged and enthusiastic effort is paying dividends for the students while also helping the tutors — many of whom will become leaders in their chosen fields — to become more aware of the structural problems and inequalities in STEM education - 11/01/18
Sean Johnson
Hubble Fellow & Joint Carnegie-Princeton Fellow
Department of Astrophysical Sciences

OUR Services - Trenton