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In Fall 2015, Haveesh Viswanatha, a student of West Windsor Plainsboro School District, was introduced to a non-profit that helps students in the Trenton School District with their STEM coursework. He readily volunteered, happy for the chance to share his love of these subjects with others.

He was assigned to work with a young lady, a high-school senior, to help her prepare for the math portion of the SAT. His experience soon became much more complicated than a straightforward educational journey. Despite her extraordinary dedication her responsibilities to her family and their financial circumstances inhibited her schoolwork and chances of attending college. It was a rude awakening to the hardships that affect so many others in our country and inspired him to do some research into the inequality in the educational system.

He realized, many students in the Trenton community (and the country as a whole), lacked the basic pedagogical resources and support structures needed to succeed - including engaged parents, dedicated teachers, solvent administrators, and inspirational role models. In the ensuing weeks, STEMNauts, which was designed to offer promising math and science students with intensive training for mathematical competitions, was born.

As of December 2018, STEMNauts has progressed into a 501(c)(3) non-profit venture registered in State of Delaware with 25+ volunteers, 50+ members, and partnership with four nonprofits with a vision to ramp up into a nonprofit franchise with an online presence and build partnerships with academia and the industry .

Last but not least, as volunteers of STEMNauts, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude to MIT/LaunchX High School Entrepreneurship Program (https://launchx.com/) for their generous grant in support of our mission.




Founder and Executive Officer – Haveesh Viswanatha

My mission is to spread STEM culture and awareness to all disadvantaged communities in the US. We focus on non-traditional outreach methods to change not just an individual but the entire students’ ecosystem involving parents, teachers, schools, nonprofits and other organizations. In addition to my management and outreach duties to expand STEMNauts, I inspire students of all ages to learn Math and Physics. In my free time, I like to hang out with friends, play music, and spread awareness about entrepreneurship.

Competitions Officer (Science) - Akash Chakka


I am currently a fresher at WWP High School North. My primary objective is to mentor students for Science Competitions. I am also involved in recruitment process of tutors and registration of students and work out logistics for taking students to Competitions. I oversee the organization's operations and procedures. I am responsible for organizing fundraising events.

Competitions Officer (Math) – Vishvam Rawal

I am currently a fresher at WWP High School North. I am responsible for conducting Math competitions – successfully executed Math Competition at Trenton Library and I am heading to a first time ever Mercer County Math Tournament in October 2018. I am engaged in mentoring students for math competitions. My ease of communication and spotting student's strengths/weakness helps tailor mentoring to their maximum benefit.

Program Officer (CHSof NJ) - Meghna Kotcherlakota


I am very grateful to STEMNauts for giving me the opportunity of working with eager students who lack access to critical educational resources. I am amazed at the dedication and commitment shown by some of these students and hope that my small efforts would be useful for them in some way or form. I develop and implement individual curriculum for students based on their needs and level in Reading, Writing, and Math. Additionally, I help the students with their homework and guide them in their school projects in other subject areas, as well. I am currently a fresher at WW-P High School North.

Program Officer (Mill Hill) – Abhiram Vellore


I am currently a sophomore at WWP High School North. As Program officer, I am responsible for developing and executing individualized curriculum in Math, Science, and Robotics to the needs of various STEMNauts beneficiaries.

Program Officer (Trenton Public Library) – Sushanth Malipati


I had been part of the STEMnauts team for about a year. I am leading tutoring at the Trenton Free Public Library. I enjoy tutoring students from around Trenton. I actively participate in training students for Math Competitions. Lately, I started helping students train for the SAT and PSAT.

Workshops Officer – Jitin Madduri


I am currently a sophomore in South Brunswick High School. I got inspired to join STEMNauts when Haveesh told me about the organization, and what the goal was. I am responsible for ordering supplies and help Nikhilesh in conducting STEM workshops. I really enjoy working in STEMNauts, and appreciate the opportunity.

Workshops Officer – Nikhilesh Madduri


I am currently a junior in South Brunswick High School. I am responsible for planning and conduct Science and Math activities for STEMNauts.

Tutor – Meenakshi


I am a WWP High School North Alumni. I am currently pursuing my Bachelors degree in Health Sciences at Drexel University (Physician Assistant track) with a minor in Health Services Administration. I have a wide range of interests ranging from Biology to dance and music. I enjoy volunteering and teaching kids during my free time. Through STEMNauts I hope to inspire students to be passionate about learning and gaining knowledge.

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